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About Counselling and Therapy 25th June 2024
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- Therapy is a process which can enhance our ability to deal with problems in our lives. It can help us alter repeating patterns in which we sometimes feel trapped and incapable of moving on.

- The process of therapy often leads to a journey of discovery into the self and into our relationships with others, and thus to a better understanding of self and other.

- The quality of the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client plays a vital role in the therapeutic outcome. The therapist creates a nurturing environment in which the client feels accepted, understood, valued, respected, listened to, focused upon and cared for, in order to be able to explore in safety the more vulnerable and hurting parts.

- Changes happening are the result of the dialogue between client and therapist. The therapist aims to understand the client's experience of the problem as closely as possible. Through a co-operative process with the therapist, the client is able to arrive at an increased self-awareness, a better understanding of the situation and a greater awareness of the various options available.

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